Fanny currently tours the UK every weekend, hitting all the major Cities from Manchester and Birmingham to London, Cardiff, Bristol and everywhere in between. Whether its a gay cabaret venue, Ladies night or back street boozer - Fanny will definitely be somewhere near you.

Where can you find Fanny?

Some venues across the UK fanny likes to call home.

WEDNESDAYS - Join Fanny for Karaoke every Wednesday at The Barley Mow, BEDFORD 9pm-2am

THURSDAYS - Join Fanny for 'Burn's Bingo Balls' featuring the game show 'Open Fanny's Flaps'.  NOW ON EVERY THURSDAY. Bingo with a twist, plus Cash Jackpots - NEW TO HINCKLEY STARTING FEB 2020

Fannys Achievements

2016 - Drag Idol - National Drag Competition - 3rd Place

2016 - Boyz Awards - Best New Cabaret Act - 2nd Place

2017 - Boyz Awards - Best Cabaret Act - Nomination

2019 - Midlands Zone Awards - Best Midlands Cabaret - Nomination

2019 - Midlands Zone Awards - Best National Cabaret - Top 5

2020- Midlands Zone Awards - Best Midlands Cabaret - Nomination

2020- Midlands Zone Awards - Best National Cabaret Nomination

New Baron.png


Thur 1st    HINCKLEY, New Baron

Sat 3rd     WSM, Pride

Thur 8th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 9th      LEICESTER, Dover Castle 

Sun 11th   LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Thur 15th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 16th      MANCHESTER, Cockatoo Club

Wed 21st    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 22nd  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 23rd       MANCHESTER, Via

Sat 24th      B.O.T, Blacksmith Arms (5-7)

Sat 24th      NORTHAMPTON, The Boston

Sun 25th     LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Sun 25th     LIVERPOOL, Dorothys

Wed 28th    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 29th    HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 30th        TROWBRIDGE, Bingo

Sat 31st        LEICESTER, Drag Brunch

Sat 31st        BRADFORD, The Sun Hotel


Sun 1st   WALSALL, Lion Bar and Club

Wed 4th   BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 5th   HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 6th      CHESTER, Spital Vaults

Sat 7th      MANCHESTER, Cockatoo Club

Sun 8th     CARDIFF, Golden Cross

Mon 9th    STOKE, Crafty Lion

Wed 11th   BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 12th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 13th      MANCHESTER, Via

Sat 14th     WEYMOUTH, The Closet

Sun 15th   LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Tues 17th  B'ASTLEY, The Bull

Wed 18th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 19th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 20th     CARDIFF, Golden Cross

Sat 21st     H.WYCOMBE, PRIDE

Sun 22nd  LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Wed 25th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 26th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 27th      HERTS, Baron Cross Inn

Sat 28th    B'HAM, Greatstone Inn

Sun 29th   LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Mon 30th  LEICESTER, Wedding


Wed 1st    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 2nd  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 3rd       LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Sat 4th      CAMBRIDGE, Wedding

Sun 5th     PLYMOUTH, Woodside

Wed 8th    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 9th    HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 10th      ESSEX, Ladies Night

Sat 11th      GLOUCHESTER, Pride

Sun 12th    MANCHESTER, Via

Mon 13th   STOKE, Crafty Lion

Tues 14th  P'MOUTH, Hampshire B'Vard

Wed 15th   BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 16th   HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 17th       CARDIFF, Golden Cross

Sat 18th      NORTHAMPTON, The Boston

Sun 19th     WSM, Proud Bar

Wed 22nd  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 23rd   HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 24th       YORKSHIRE, Mayfield Hotel

Sat 25th      BHAM PRIDE

Sun 26th    LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Wed 29th   BEDFORD, Barley Mow


Fri 1st      BARLESTON, Three Tuns

Sat 2nd  TROWBRIDGE, Cabaret


Wed 6th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 7th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 8th      NORFOLK, Ladies Night

Sat 9th     BLACKPOOL, Sherlocks

Mon 11th   STOKE, Crafty Lion

Wed 13th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 14th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 15th      CARDIFF, Golden Cross

Sat 16th    BRATTON, Bingo

Sun 17th    MANCHESTER, Via

Wed 20th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 21st   HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 22nd    LEICESTER, Old Inn

Sat 23rd    SHEERNESS, Con Club

Sun 24th   LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Sun 24th   LIVERPOOL, Dorothys

Wed 27th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 28th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Sat 30th     NORTHAMPTON, The Boston

Sun 31st     LEICESTER, Dover Castle


Wed 3rd     BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 4th     HINCKLEY, New Baron​

Sat 6th       WEYMOUTH, The Closet

Sun 7th      MANCHESTER, Via

Mon 8th     STOKE, Crafty Lion

Thur 11th    HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 12th       LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Sat 13th      NORWICH, The Castle

Wed 17th    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 18th    HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 19th       CARDIFF, Golden Cross

Sat 20th     BRADFORD, The Sun Hotel

Sun 21st     LONDON, City of Quebec

Wed 24th   BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 25th   HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 26th       MANCHESTER, Via

Sat 27th      ESSEX, Ladies Night

Sun 28th     LEICESTER, Dover Castle

New Baron.png

Wed 1st    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 2nd  HINCKLEY, New BAron

Fri 3rd       BHAM, Greatstone Inn

Sat 4th      NORTHAMPTON, The Boston

Sun 5th     BRIGHTON, Charles Street Tap

Tue 7th      WIGSTON, Buddies Cafe

Wed 8th    BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 9th    HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 10th      BOT, Blacksmith Arms

Sat 11th      WSM, Proud Bar


Mon 13th   STOKE, Crafty Lion

Wed 15th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 16th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 17th      CARDIFF, Golden Cross

Wed 22nd BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 23rd  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Sun 26th   LEICESTER, Dover Castle

Wed 29th  BEDFORD, Barley Mow

Thur 30th  HINCKLEY, New Baron

Fri 31st       WSM, Proud Bar